online payments

For most online shops, credit card is the quickest and most convenient way for customers to pay you money. The success of your online shop and entire web site project thus often depends on having the right e-commerce credit card processing solution.

Global payment collection

For the serious e-commerce merchant with a need for collecting payments from customers globally, we can provide the following range of services:

  • online credit card acceptance in virtually any currency worldwide
  • settlement to international bank accounts
  • acceptance of incoming bank transfer payments in local countries/currencies around the world
  • local cheque payment acceptance in many countries (your customers send to a postal address local to their country and pay in their own currency; funds are credited to the bank account of your choice in whatever currency you nominate).

Australian credit card processing

In Australia, sublime//ip has operated a service since 1999 known as GoCommerce.

Unlike most competitive products, our service is based around a fixed monthly cost and does not have per-transaction fees. This means you won't face a rising bill as your online sales increase - on the contrary, your average effective cost per transaction will get less the more your customers buy. This model encourages you to make more sales and also allows you to sell smaller orders or lower cost items without compromising your profitability through high per-transaction fees.

Our system processes all major credit cards in use in Australia today, including Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express, Diners Club and JCB.

We can arrange for settlement of your cleared credit card takings each day to any Australian bank, building society or credit union account. This means you do not need to change the banking relationship you currently have with your primary bank.

Our banking partners, St George Banking Group Ltd and BankSA (now a St George business) welcome our e-commerce merchants and offer what we have found to be very competitive rates compared to many other Australia financial institutions.

The merchant fee is payable directly to the bank and will be direct debited by the bank (normally on a monthly basis). The actual rate negotiated will depend on a number of factors such as your trading volumes, your industry and business risk and your previous merchant trading record (if any).

Our pricing structure is based around an initial setup fee plus an ongoing flat monthly fee. Each merchant purchases one (or more) "virtual" EFTPOS terminals which link to the bank network through our service. Each virtual terminal can process one transaction at a time (and each transaction takes up to around 15 seconds depending on the card issuer, bank network load and so on).

Generally, one virtual terminal is enough for smaller merchants or for those where you submit details in a bulk, sequential manner.

For e-commerce merchants with a high number of transactions, the single virtual terminal may cause delays and a need to resubmit details if the existing "terminal" is busy processing another transaction.

In these cases, you just add one (or more) additional virtual terminals. So for example, if you have three virtual terminals set up you can have up to three transactions under way simultaneously.

GoCommerce pricing is a once off setup fee of $440 and ongoing monthly fee of $49.95 per month. There are no additional transaction fees. All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

For security reasons, you are required to use SSL encryption on any card details you are receiving from customers. We can assist you with setting up SSL protection for your site using a standard SSL certificate.

Please note the GoCommerce service is available to Australian-based merchants online. For merchants outside of Australia, we would be pleased to assist you in making use of the WorldPay service.