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domain - ownership FAQs

How can I change the ownership of a gTLD domain name (e.g. .com)?

Sublime IP can manage gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) name ownership transfers on behalf of clients. An ownership change may be required for various reasons, such as:

  • Domain name sold by the original owner to a new owner
  • The company name of the original owner changes and a new legal entity name is required
  • The original owner changes its legal form and thus the legal name changes (e.g. an individual wishes to transfer ownership to a newly formed company; or a sole proprietorship becomes a company)

How to arrange a gTLD ownership transfer

All we need to do to have a transfer of ownership is:

  • the name of the domain to be transferred
  • the current Domain Password for the domain
  • the current (or "old") owner's full legal name
  • the proposed new owner's full legal name
  • where to send the new Domain Password once ownership has changed

There is a transfer fee of AUD$55 (incuding GST if applicable) and the new owner retains whatever paid up period of the domain name license you have remaining. For example, if your name still has 18 months of its current license still to run, the new owner will enjoy this benefit and not need to renew until the end of that term.

Once ownership has changed

Once the domain registration ownership has changed, we will assign a new Domain Password for the new owner (so please let us know where to send this). Once they have this new key they can use it to update any other contact details that need changing, e.g. postal address, phone/fax details etc.

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