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domain - ownership FAQs

Who is the registrant name for a domain name?

The registrant name of a domain is the name of the legal owner or licence holder of the domain: the individual or organisation that registers the domain.

It is important that the registrant details are entered correctly, since if any disputes arise about the ownership of the domain it can be a critical issue. For example, if the registrant name was incorrectly entered as a company that never existed (or existed at the time of domain registration but has since been closed down) then someone else may apply to have the domain deleted on the basis that there is no real legal owner for it.

If you sell your business, or restructure your operations in some way (e.g. converting from a sole trader to a corporation) then it is important to check that domain names are transferred correctly to the appropriate new registrant. We can advise on this process and assist with making any necessary changes.

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