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domain - payments FAQs

Are there bulk discounts available by buying multiple domains?

Yes, we offer automatic discounts on domain name registration orders from as little as 2 domains per order - as well as the ability to tailor a quote to your specific needs for larger or more unusual jobs.

A sample of our automatic, everyday discounts are provided below. Note that these are a guide only and the actual current discount will be displayed for you during your online domain registration. (Don't panic, if anything has changed, it has very likely got better not worse!)

Discounts across all domain name types

In recognition of the value of orders for several domains across different TLDs and country codes, we also offer a general discount for all orders containing more than one domain name.

  • For any 2 domains, we will discount the total by 3%
  • For any 3 domains, we will discount the total by 5%
  • For any 4 domains in an order, we will discount the total by 7%
  • For 5+ domains in an order, we will discount the total by 10%
  • For 10+ domains in an order, we will discount the total by 20%

Note these discounts are based on our normal retail prices. The discount will be applied prior to calculating the total payment value for the order, so these savings are real, cash discounts.

If we are unable to complete the registration of any one or more domains in your order, the discount level will be adjusted to that which would have applied for the remaining names (e.g. if you register a .com and a in the same order, but the cannot be completed due to not meeting the registration criteria, then no discount will apply for the .com as it will be the only domain left in the order).

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