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domain - payments FAQs

Can I pay for domain registration with BPAY?

Yes, BPAY is accepted for domain name orders at Sublime IP and GoDomains (as well as for other services we offer such as web hosting and colocation).

With BPAY you do not have to send credit card details across the Internet and can rely instead on the security of your existing phone banking or Internet banking services with your bank.

BPAY is also relatively quick, with most payments received within one or two business days. This makes it a much better alternative than cheque and money order payments, where you need to allow for postal delays as well as clearance times. (Note that for even faster turn-around on your domain orders, you may wish to consider credit card payment.)

When you register a domain with Sublime IP and pay by BPAY, we will give you a special customer reference number to include with your payment. This will ensure your domain registration is processed as soon as possible and your payment is applied quickly and automatically to your order.

To find out more about BPAY, please visit the BPAY website or contact your participating financial institution. Most Australian banks, credit unions and building societies offer BPAY, so you should be able to use this payment method from your existing Australian bank account.

If you're still stuck, please contact us and we'll see what we can do to help.

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