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.com domain registration

Pricing (US Dollars)

Period Registration Fee Renewal Fee Transfer Fee
1 $25.00 - -
2 $37.82 $56.42 $56.42
3 $42.31 - -
4 $56.42 - -
5 $70.52 $96.13 $96.13
6 $84.62 - -
7 $92.32 - -
8 $106.42 - -
9 $114.11 - -
10 $159.63 - -

General information for .com names

By far the world's most popular domain name ending.

Originally used by companies based in the US or companies with an multi-national presence, but now widely used by individuals and organisations around the world.

If a reasonable portion of your business comes from overseas - or might in the future - .com can make this easier, simply because of the perception that most .com companies are big and probably based in the US.

Added advantage of being the "default" domain name in most web browser software, i.e. if someone types in just yourcompany in their web browser, it will automatically look first for

Because there are so many .com names registered, finding a name you want that isn't already taken can be difficult.

Special requirements for .com name registration

None - just be the first to request and pay for a name that is still available and it's yours.

Formal policies for com names

Register a .com domain now